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CENTER FOR INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER-GLOBAL Ltd. is a Bulgarian company set up with the aim of facilitating transfer of innovative knowledge and technologies on international level.

The company's priority is to cooperate with European state organizations, scientific link-teams and private firms working in the same sphere. CITT GLOBAL's major objective is, through cooperation with those organizations ,to contribute to the use of european's extensive experience with innovations and technology transfer, as well as, to popularize its cooperation model in the field of networking on national and regional level.

Participation in  projects with European partners is significant for transforming CITTT-GLOBAL into a consultant company of an international value.

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News & Events

Март 2010

29.-30.03.2010 in Krems, Austria Kick off meeting of dEUcert project - Dissemination of European Certification scheme ECQA. CITT-Global is the Bulgarian partner.

At the Kick off Meeting in Krems, Austria, Prof. Reiner from IMC/Fachhochschule Krems (Project Coordinator) has presented strategies and organization of ECQA. Dr. Messnartz/ISCN Austria has presented the portal www.ecqa.org. Guidelines for...

Juni 2009

CONQUEST’2009, 16-18 September, Nuremberg, Germany

The international Conference on Quality Engineering in Software Technology (CONQUEST) has been held annually since 1997. It has been the platform for software professionals bringing together the software engineering community to discuss software quality aspects, to see how quality engineering met...

Current Projects

2010-2011-dEUcert-Dissemination of European certification schema ECQA

The ECQA: Is a non-profit assosiation, joining institutions and thousands of professionals from all over Europe and abroad; Provides a Europe wide unified certification schema for numerous professions; Brings together ex...

16.02.2005 - Seminar on “Standards, Norms, and Networks for Software Quality – Your Benefits,” organized by CITT-Global in cooperation with iSQI and our partners in Bulgaria from BAIT

On February 16, 2005, CITT-Global, in cooperation with the International Software Quality Institute (iSQI) and the Bulgarian Association of Information Technology (BAIT), successfully organized a seminar in Sofia, Bulgaria with a topic: Standards, Norms, and Networks for Software Quality – ...